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    wyatt the man needs Showtime Family support

    This summer Wyatt's family noticed he was having headaches and starting to tilt his head in a awkward way. After taking him to the doctor and doing a ct scan he was diagnosed with a DIPG tumor which is not curable. He is currently on week 4 of a 6 week radiation treatment and they are seeing some results but it is also taking a toll on this sweet little boy.

    The family would like to get to Hawaii for a week long vacation to relax and let Wyatt enjoy the beach. 

    Wyatt is currently a kindergartner and tries to make it to school as much as he possibly can. 

    Alaska Airlines has agreed to let those who would like to DONATE MILES to cover the Draper Family flights. If you or someone you know would like to donate. We need the following information: name and contact information, mileage plan number and how many miles you’d like to donate.  GO FUND ME page has also been set up if you prefer that method of assistance.

    There has also been a Facebook page established

    Thank you for sharing the passion I do in helping people in need. 
    Billy Hayes

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